A Gripping Life Story of One Man’s Journey through Abuse, Homelessness, and Being Gay In Islam.

If My Mother Never Left

Step into a harrowing and deeply moving story of one man’s battle against abuse, depression, gaslighting and homelessness.

A Book By Burak Yilmaz

About The Author

Burak Yilmaz

Burak Yilmaz was born and raised in Turkey. He always wanted to write, using it as an escape from the harsh reality of being forced to hide who and what he truly was. Life took a twist when Burak’s father discovered his son was gay. At just seventeen years old, Burak was thrown out into the streets and left to survive on his own in a society that didn’t want him. Instead of breaking, Burak summoned the depths of his strength and wrote his first book.
Burak published his first book at twenty-two years old. He wrote the book under the penname Devrim Yilmaz to protect himself from dangers that will come from writing such a book called Bir Escinselin Siradan Hikayesi (An Ordinary Story of a Homosexual) became an instant bestseller, earning him accolades and unwanted attention. Burak was arrested and tortured after completing a television interview. Again, Burak clung to his self and, after being released, managed to escape Turkey. His journey took him to the United States, where he currently resides.

Best Seller Of Its Time.


What They Say About My Previous Book

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